Advanced Automated Storage
& Retrieval System for Vehicles

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The Solutions: Parking Vault™

We use Automatic Storage & Retrieval and the Vehicle is the Inventory

  • Design – Designed and controlled by a global Automated Storage & Retrieval (ASR) Company that has global operating ASR projects with clients like Ford and GM.
  • Speed – We are the Fastest Automated System in the World.  We average 2 vehicles per minute per Mule. and 4 vehicles per Minute Minimum per System
  • Price – Typically the same or less than Ramp Garages.  All other automated parking companies range from 2 to 3 times the price of Parking Vault


  • Parking Vault virtually eliminates the ability for personal attacks. One in 12 Personal Attacks happen in a Ramp Garage in the U.S.
  • Parking Vault eliminates Damage to Vehicles – Door Dings and Bumper Dings.
  • Parking Vault eliminates Theft.

Vehicle Variations

  • Only Automated Parking Company that moves and stores Every Vehicle from shorter than the Smart Car to Longer then the Long Bed 4 Door Pickup.
  • We move and store the ADA, 100″ tall Van.


  • Redundant Mules, Dollies and Controls allows for 100% operation
  • Back up Generator for power loss


  • This is the Henry Ford assembly line approach to parking. Every application uses the same ASR machines and automation.
  • It is designed to fit in to containers and shipped all over the world.


  • The bolt together, plug-and-play design allows for the Mule and Dolly to be moved and set back up at a new location.

Operating Costs

  • Annual Operating costs are less than a Ramp Deck according to the NPA.
  • PV uses only 1 KWH of electricity to store and retieve the vehicle.
  • No Attendant is required however, use of Attendants for customer service may be necessary initially.

Green Eco-Friendly Parking

  • Vehicle Emissions are reduced by 83% or more over ramp garages.
  • Parking Vault uses “regenerative braking” to reduce electricity usage.
  • Rooftop solar panels can generate up to 100% of the power requirements for the system.

Focused on people,

All real estate developments start with parking. Yet, creating parking is costly with very little return on investment.  High population areas typically do not to have the space for traditional parking lots and garages.  Parking Vault™ alleviates that problem, takes the focus off cars, putting it on people and where they want to go.

Parking Vault™ uses 85 percent less land than surface parking and is 40 to 50 percent more efficient by volume than the traditional ramp garage. Envisioned by a real estate developer, Parking Vault™ allows you to focus more on revenue-generating buildings and less on costly parking.

Not on Cars.

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