• Cost efficient. Simple building design. Less land. Advanced technology. All of these things make Parking Vault™ a solution that lowers costs.
  • High density parking. No ramps. No walkways. No elevators. All this allows the building to have a lower ceiling height, reduced parking width and lower cost.
  • Fast. Parking Vault™ lifts the vehicle horizontally and vertically while simultaneously rotating it, allowing two cars to be parked in 34 seconds.
  • Customizable. The system can be completely customized to the number of parking spaces required, the size cars you wish to accommodate, and adjusted to the height and width of your development.
  • Secure. Cars are parked on “shelves” accessed only by the automated system. No need to worry about vandals, thieves, door dings or forgetting where you park.
  • Green. Automated parking reduces emissions. The system parks the car, which eliminates excess emissions produced from those driving around looking for the perfect parking space. Additionally, Parking Vault’s™ state-of-the-art technology returns electricity to the grid by leveraging the energy gained when lowering the vehicle.
  • Safe. Parking Vault™ is ADA compliant, and as an automated parking system with a completely flat floor, it eliminates trip hazards.