The Driver Experience

With a solution like Parking Vault™,
why waste land and money developing parking lots and traditional ramp garages?
Let Parking Vault™ solve the parking dilemma.

 Drop off

  • From the Parking Vault™ driveway, an automated communication system directs the driver to the correct transfer room.
  • The driver and all passengers exit the vehicle, retrieving any items they wish to take and securing the car. Then exit the transfer room.
  • Then the customer can go about their day without having to remember where they parked their car.  Knowing their car is secure.

Pick up

  • Drivers enter the retrieval lobby and scan their vehicle identifier.
  • A delivery time appears on the screen so the driver knows when the car will arrive and in which transfer room it will be delivered.  Typically, the car should be delivered within 30 seconds.
  • The driver enters the transfer room with the car forward facing and effortly drives out of the Parking Vault™.