Parking Vault™

The Challenge

The cost of creating a parking lot or garage is incredibly expensive with very little return on investment. High population areas just don’t have the space for traditional parking lots and garages.

The Solution

Parking Vault’s™ high density, automated parking system provides the most efficient parking solution available using 12,286 sq. ft. or 85 percent less land than surface parking.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Parking Vault™ parks 168 cars in the same volume a ramp uses to park 100 cars.

Parking Vault™

  • Parking Vault™ uses 2,534 cubic ft. per car
  • Parking Vault™ uses 12,286 sq. ft. or 85% less area than surface parking

Traditional Ramp Parking

  • Ramp parking uses 4,125 cubic ft. per car
  • Surface parking uses 83,300 sq. ft. of land for 250 cars